Oak Wood Flooring

Botanical name : Quercus petraea

Origin : Europe

Brinell Hardness Class : 3,4

Specific weight : 0,72

Shrinkage : medium

Stability : good

Oxidation : medium

Oak is one of the most used wood specie in the production of wooden floors, thanks to its particular technical, mechanical and esthetic characteristics.
In fact, it is a wood well known for its stability and its convenience regarding quality / price.
Since the XIII Century, Oak wood has been used in very different areas, for example, it was used for the construction of luxury furniture, and today it is used in many areas as well: from shipyards to furniture, to its massive use in the construction sector.

Among its main mechanical properties, oak can boast an excellent compression strength value as well as an excellent flexural strength value.
Versatile and eclectic, oak wood can be used and is suitable for every need.
Also for this reason it is used for the realization of parquet and wooden coating.
Precisely for these reasons, it is particularly suitable in living spaces.

The oak is very well suited to be colored, and it is ideal for enhancing engraving treatments, surface finishes and several parquet colours, from whitening to saw effect, from hand planing to aged effect treatments.

This kind of wood flooring gives the space a natural and warm touch.
The great variety of colors, tones and shades, then, offers an almost infinite choice, starting from light oak tones like bleached to reach the darker colors, such as our wengé color or black for special locations.