Water based varnishing, for a parquet promoted by bio-building

"Wax or Gloss" water base varnish is a finishing of the surface of the parquet, which guarantees a natural appearance and a soft surface to the touch, ensuring high resistance.

The absence of harmful substances makes it perfect for wooden floors suitable for bio-building and in general to maintain high salubrity in environments where the wooden floor is laid.

All Garbelotto’s engineered floor can be varnished in the full cycle water painting plant, which at the time is the first water technology to be used in Italy.

Throughout the painting cycle, only water based finishing is used, free from toxic substances and that have low environmental impacts.
The water varnished wooden floor is safe for those who produce it, for those who use it and for those who live it in their own home.
The varnishes we use, in fact, respond to the parameters of the new European legislation which provides a minimum presence of solvents.

The prefinished raw wooden floor, enters in the machines where in a fully automatic way, it is impregnated with the primer of the base dye, subsequently undergoes two high-density treatments with the protective film of finishing.
After a first evaporation in the oven, the film is polymerized with UV rays which guarantee a remarkable hardness and greater stability. The result is a soft, transparent, perfect touch surface that enhances the grain of the wood.
The protective film is formulated with carefully selected and tested raw materials to ensure the durability of the parquet over time, against domestic and wear stresses.
Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance are easy using specific neutral products, avoiding bleach, ammonia and organic solvents.

Any finishing, even small parquet parts, is easy and with guaranteed results.

Garbelotto, confirming the continuous technological upgrading and visionary philosophy, with this water painting plant has made a leap forward in the quality of wood flooring and in the protection of health and the environment.

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