The raw effect coating: all the features

The raw effect coating is a finish of the surface, that is made on oak planks to mantain the completely natural coloring so as not to alter it by the paints.

The Raw Effect is a full-cycle water treatment, in which a particular bottom/ base is used which creates a barrier to Oak tannin.The product is finished by varnishing with a natural V0 paint water.

This kind of coating has passed the chemical agent test (household chemicals) in accordance with the European normative for wooden floors UNI EN 13442, transparent water cycle.

The entire water paint cycle has scored 5, the highest number of the “no defect” scale.

The Ageing resistance test was carried out in accordance with the regulation UNI EN 15187, the resistance of the plank surfaces exposed to the light for 30 hours to Xeno test. The product has scored 5 in this test as well.

From Accelerated ageing tests in accordance with the regulation EN 9429 have not shown cracks or other defects.

Row effect is the perfect wooden floor for natural shade lovers
A Natural effect suitable for any kind of space.

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