Natural Oil : the Finish that Nourishes the Parquet every Day

The natural oil finish is the perfect choice for those who want a kind of varnishing that can nourish the wooden floor every day.

The wood floor finish with Natural Oil is ideal for any space, it nourishes continuously the parquet, and it preserves the surface of the wood penetrating more and more inside its fibers, day after day.
Oiled parquet is easy to maintain and it is one of the most suitable bio-building treatments.

The new Garbelotto natural oil finishing is characterized by a last-generation of oil, suitable for bio-building because it is ecological and free from harmful substances.

It is a natural oil that nourishes, protects and preserves the surface of the wood.
Unlike the old-fashioned oxidizing oils, our Natural Oil does not require extraordinary maintenance of the parquet.
With the special products we supply, in fact, it is possible to maintain the splendor of the wooden floor unaltered with simple daily cleaning.
Oiled parquet is easier to keep than what is thought: we have tested some samples with different types of substances, unexpectedly finding that with a simple “oil-based cleanser” within half an hour the surface of the parquet was again intact and without blotches.

A further test was done, scratching the board in greater depth: even in this case, following a few simple steps, restoration had been very successful.
It is an oil that also takes into consideration the aesthetic appearance of the wooden floor, in addition to the classic transparent oil, it is possible to measure the opacity of the finishing and thus achieve different hues.

The oil, unlike the lacquer, protects the board from the inside and the outside, making it transpire.
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