What is morciatura?

Morciatura is the perfect blend between art and innovation, tradition and new technologies of an innovative product.

Morciatura is the finishing touch that gives the wooden floor an antique appearance.

It is achieved with the use of natural soil that is shredded and massaged on the boards which are already brushed or planed, to give them a warmer tone.

It is a workmanship that is executed exclusively by hand, plank by plank, and that for this reason cannot be uniform. This feature makes it very prestigious because each plank becomes a unique piece.

Processing is carried out with ancient tools and techniques, using natural soil that is suitable for bio-building and do not release any harmful substances.

At the end of these procedures, carried out by expert hands that work with wood, the boards are painted with our transparent water finish to protect the morciatura and perfect the boards to be laid.

This kind of finishing touch is used in the antique wood flooring line called “ I Tavolati”.

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