The Xilema® Oak lives again in Valpolicella – in the Tommasi wineries

Many things are in common between us and this company: the tradition, the choice of using the family name and the passion for their work.

Recently, the renown winery has renovated a building in the historical headquarter, with more than 300 sqm of a modern exhibition and wine tasting of their own red wines: the Amarone, Ripasso, Classic Valpolicella, Sweet Recioto. Taking into consideration the importance of the renovation and the great visible and sensorial impact of the project, the choice of the floor has been particularly careful and fell on Xilema, a unique prefinished obtained from standing dead plants.Xilema is an Oak prefinished floor which comes from the recovery and valorization of old dead trees (Slats varies from 180 to 250mm of width, from 1000 to 2500mm of length, 4mm of thickness). Garbelotto restores and enhances tis type of wood which acquired unique colors ad shades, an antique and material aspect provided with a great personality, due to the lymph drain which creates a unique texture. Wit such usage of standing dead trees, the ecological function which gives a second life to the wood is obtained, as well as the cleaning of forests as the reutilization of what the Nature gives us.

The result of such match is perfect: shades and unique tastes of the red wine within a framework of wood, just as unique. The same essence, the Oak, is used in the winery to preserve the aging of red wines of the territory in oak barrels, namely Valpolicella, Ripasso and the famous Amarone, which rests in the wineries for many years before the bottling and the tastings carried out all over the world.

Like every other wooden floor of the endless Garbelotto catalogue, they are suitable for the bio construction, in E1 class for the emission of formaldehyde, 100% made in Italy and FSC certifiable on demand.

Oak Xilema®

Verona - Italy