The Gessi® line protagonists in the renovation of Carraro

Parchettificio Garbelotto is the protagonist of the renovation of the headquarters of the Venetian company Carraro Spa, inaugurated in 1968 and designed by the architect Ermenegilda D’Agaro, a pupil of the well-known Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa, of which various details and stylistic features can be recognized. .

The building contains both offices and production and is spread over a total area of ​​approximately 184,000 square meters (37,000 are covered) with more than 600 employees.

The challenge was to recreate the original wooden floor: I Gessi® Oak characterized by brass inserts, as they had been designed and created in the 1960s project. The movement created by the different widths of the slats combined with the brightness that penetrates through the large windows, enriches the space with a play of shapes that is enhanced by the lines of light created by the brass. The nuances of the wood and the inserts are thus integrated with the furniture, the colors and the materials chosen for the walls, some of which are made with wood paneling, and with the painting in the hall, entitled “Male flowers, flowers female “by Mario Schifano (1984).

I Gessi Line Habitat

Padova - Italy