Garbelotto redesigns the Hungarian Herringbone

Dupla Herringbone was born as a reinterpretation of the Noblesse line, the Hungarian Herringbone installation. The novelty of the new line is the laying geometry: no longer the strips cut into equal lengths, but an alternation of 90cm and 50cm modules made of beveled material with tongue and groove on all 4 sides.

Like the Noblesse line, the Dupla Herringbone does not forget the elegance of the past, but rather enriches it with a further movement conferred by the combination of the strips that create an original design. The result is an elegant and evocative floor whose watchword is “movement”.
Dupla Herringbone is also able to create fascinating and intriguing 3D effects given by the light that always strikes the floor in a different way: these, combined with the movement given by the geometries, make the floor an elegant surface suitable for those who look to the future without forgetting tradition.

Dupla Herringbone is a laying system that can be used on any Garbelotto product.

Like all Garbelotto wooden floors, they are suitable for green building, in class E1 for the emission of formaldehyde, 100% made in Italy and on request FSC certified.

Dupla Noblesse Herringbone Firenze Oak

Staffoni Showroom - Italy