Wood is a noble material that can give warmth to any space. To use it only for flooring, sometimes, it is almost reductive.

Garbelotto’s parquet lines are also suitable for covering different kind of surfaces such as walls and ceilings. In France, between the seventeenth and eighteenth Century, wood was one of the most popular materials for the construction of elegant boiseries, which still decorate the most important royal palaces today.

Boiseries are decorations that cover walls with wooden panels, which even today enrich the rooms by making them real design elements that give an elegant sense of continuity between the wooden floors and the surfaces that surround them.
Garbelotto and Master Floor Line boiseries are made with the same finishes as parquets to create great impact, thanks to the endless combinations of colours, treatments and finishes that our lines allow.

The wide range available will make the choice of parquet and boiserie a stimulating creative exercise with which to add refined and innovative accents to every space. The possibility of covering with wood also other surfaces, beside the floor, will only multiply the scenic effect in every room. And why not, even outside.

Modern style, antique charm

The new Materia 3.0 boiserie is a wall covering system made of antique reclaimed wood. Here it is in a design showroom, in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Olmo antico di recupero

Among shoes and wood

Teak wood boiserie created for a shoe shop in Belluno. The material used is of the Master Floor Classic line, wax effect varnished. The shelves are also made with the same material.

  • boiserie per negozi

Design at the gates of the Orient

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