Parquet laying: the Herringbone Pattern and the Chevron Hungarian Point "Noblesse"

The elegance of the herringbones: the herringbone and the Chevron Hungarian point Noblesse patterns

Wooden floors have been used to embellish the interior of buildings for centuries and many are the solutions that enable the parquet to become even more enriched, this includes the various laying geometries that arise from the combination of boards in the parquet flooring.

Among the various laying geometries, the most famous are the Italian herringbone (also called the right and left herringbone) and the Hungarian herringbone, which can be further enriched with band patterns for the perimeter completion of the parquet floor, or with the use of woody species in different shades.

The laying of herringbone pattern and that of the Hungarian herringbone Noblesse require high-precision and high quality workmanship to achieve the elegant and refined effect that characterizes them. They are therefore, products that enrich our production.

The herringbone pattern is made up of rectangular elements of the same size that are arranged in parallel rows at 90 ° between each other, so that the head of a one matches with the side of the other. Once laid, the parquet figuratively recalls the shape of the fish’s central spine, from which the name is taken.

However, the Hungarian herringbone laying has short edges cut with a tilt from 45 ° to 60 °. This geometry of laying, thanks to technology, is available on any Garbelotto product. The bevelled material, with male and female joining on the 4 sides, is already arranged for herringbone laying. The “Noblesse®” line has been designed for those who, living in the present, do not want to forget the elegance of the past.

The charm of leather

The sheer whiteness of the walls and furnishings meets the decided colours of the parquet and sofa, to give life to a high-design environment. For the floor, a prefinished wooden floor in oak of the Listo Floor line was chosen, model Gold, brushed, in unique selection, and bevelled on the 4 sides. The colouring is an aged warm, leather effect, in herringbone pattern.

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