How do you lay the parquet? The differences between floating and glued installation

Laying parquet is an activity that requires good manual skills and a detailed knowledge of the material.
If the instalation is well done, you get a highly professional result and an extraordinary space.

Among the main types of laying there are:floating and glued one.

The floating installation consists in laying the parquet on the floor, and engaging the strips to each other through the male and female joints.

Between the wooden boards and the existing floor (or screed) is usually placed an insulating material that allows soundproofing, protection against moisture and thermal insulation.

This type of laying requires large planks that, thanks to their weight, guarantee the least possible movement once they are installed.

Floating laying is mainly used to avoid the use of adhesives and if necessary to preserve the underlying surface.

The glued parquet  laying is made by using  adhesives on pre  existing screeds or floor.

The choice of the glue is fundamental, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to its technical characteristics, opting for a low-emission volatile organic substances glue, that can damage not only the installer but also those who live the space.

The glued installation is  the  more silent one and it can be used on any type of Garbelotto and  Master Floor Line products.

With the latest generation glues, at  today, the most widely used installation is the glued one.

The professionalism of the installer will be the main factor that will unequivocally contribute to the ultimate aesthetic result, to create a work of art, so entrust yourself to professionals!

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