It is difficult to believe that it has already been a year since the opening of the new headquarters of Parchettificio Garbelotto and Master Floor.

It was the 20th September 2014 when Renza Altoè, Antonio Garbelotto, and the son Marcocut the tape in front of the entrance of the new office, together with the President of Confindustria as well as Garbelotto’s great friend, Giorgio Squinzi.

There were many authorities, from the regional councillor Elena Donazzan to the president of the province of Treviso Leonardo Muraro, from the president of Unindustria Treviso Maria Cristina Piovesana to the mayor of Cappella Maggiore Mariarosa Barazza.

Remembering that day means living the emotions and values of that afternoon: first of all, family and craft tradition, which made Parchettificio Garbelotto and Master Floor synonymous of quality and authenticity in the production of wooden floors since1950.

Since that day, every day, the two companies have tried to make our premises lively and cosy, thanks to meetings, courses, conferences, and training sessions. This has allowed the new environments to be full of creative excitement.

In this year, our headquarters has become not only a place where innovation and craftsmanship are combined, but also a place where architects and experts can meet to discuss the latest market trends. For example, this happened during MADEinGarbelottoeMasterFloor, in which Paola Marella and Giorgio Tartaro took part. It is an open place where layers and vendors keep themselves up to date and discover the latest trends with regard to finishes and laying products by attending courses organized with Mapei.

We want our premises to be a meeting place for craftsmen and artists, architects and innovators, professionals and young people willing to hand down a tradition and love for wood, by which the history of this company has been characterized for 65 years.

In the meantime, click here to live the emotions of that day through the words, the pictures, and the videos collected after the opening.