Online communication has now become a very important point for the correct promotion of business activities, and it is for this reason that in recent times Parchettificio Garbelotto and Master Floor have decided to focus more and more on the tools that Internet provides.

The new website, translated into English, and activity on social networks are only the most obvious actions that have been undertaken to communicate online companies policy, and now it has been added the virtual tour viewable on Google Maps.

In recent months, in fact, Google has added to the already famous instrument Street View also the opportunity to visit particular places inside, not only outside. Since the recent inauguration of the new and futuristic offices, the decision to bring on line the more representative place for the group Garbelotto and Master Floor was almost natural.

Through an intuitive interface and a few buttons, in fact, you can visit the interior of the new offices, the showroom, the executive offices and meeting rooms.

The virtual tour of the headquarters of Garbelotto and Master Floor is available at this link or directly from the site profile on Google Maps. On this page you will find 20 new photos of our new offices created especially for Google.

Virtual tour >>