Villa degli Aceri is a romantic relais located in a big park very close to Savona, on the Ligurian Riviera. It is the result of the thorough refurbishment of one of the many noble mansions built by wealthy Genoese people at the end of the XIX century.

Parchettificio Garbelotto and Master Floor took part in the work of renovation of this building, which was constructed in 1881. They furnished the 11 rooms with wooden floors, each one different from the others.

The Fumagalli spouses, who are the owners of the hotel, carefully selected the finest materials in order to create an extremely charming environment.

Rooms are elegant and cosy, different from each other for styles and colours. There are also two wonderful suites with restored frescoes on the ceiling, which have the same original colours.


350 square meters of parquet were used in order to refurbish Villa degli Aceri. They have different colours and finishes, and were laid in the rooms of the hotel.

In particular, the owners of the hotel chose the brushed oak maxi-blocks of the Listo-Floor® line, with different variants: bleached, painted Gloss® wood, flammé Gloss® wood, and antiqued wood with matt varnishing and wax effect.


Wooden floors were created at our water-based varnishing plant, which is located at the Garbelotto and Master Floor’s premises, in order to obtain resistant, salubrious, 100% Made in Italy parquet. Заглянув в наше развлекательное онлайн заведение и попробовав свои силы в популярных игровых автоматах, коих представлено на выбор посетителя огромное количество, Вам обязательно повезет и Вы солидно обогатитесь! При регистрации и 5 пополнениях депозита игрок сразу же получает 200 вращений бесплатно! Регистрируйтесь, используя сайт по ссылке на главной странице или же в разделе Регистрация! Крупные денежные выигрыши ждут Вас в казино Фурор сию минуту!

Thanks to our wooden floors, the rooms of the hotel are more comfortable and warmer, which creates a very refined environment and a romantic, relaxed atmosphere.