Anyone who thinks that the parquet allows little opportunity to play with the shapes and the materials may not realize how many types of finishes and different treatments can be realized on a ductile material such as wood.

Among these, in recent years, the cutting saw and the Trama effect, our unique treatments of etching, have taken a leading role.

In both cases the transverse incisions of tables confer a three-dimensional effect to the wooden floor. The Cutting Saw is accomplished with a saw which marks perpendicularly each table, while the Trama effect is done with roller in pressure that affects the table in a continuous manner, more frequent than the saw effect, such as a fabric texture. And it takes its name thanks to its weaving threads arranged horizontally. After participating as careful observers at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, we noticed how in the world of furniture and design Trama plot has begun to gain a considerable space, giving reason to our ongoing research that has led us to propose the Texture effect on our lines of wooden floors.

The effect of texture presented on our wood flooring gives the floors a material unique and refined effect that causes unusual sensations to the touch especially barefoot. Trama is a treatment available on our entire range of products regardless of the chosen color or finish of the surface. The choice that makes the effect even more texture design is to propose not only on the surfaces of floors, but also on the doors and walls, for a truly unique and amazing result. Just take a look at these pictures to realize it!