Among the furniture industry trend for 2017, the parquet is the real protagonist. An evergreen that adapts to any environment and gives a warm and cozy touch to your home.
Which are the advantages in choosing this type of flooring? We choose to identify them in the “3 E of the Parquet”. That’ s what they’re about!

2017 will be focused primarily on the issue of products sustainability: always more people are concerned about environmental issues and very often their choices are subordinated to the desire to minimize the impact on the reference landscape.
Design and eco-friendliness are essential elements for all companies in the furniture field, who want to impose their products on the market and realize leading ones for the new year.

Wooden floor is able to enhance a surplus of elegance and sophistication to any room. Combined with a boho chic decor or a vintage style, set in a cottage or in a loft, the floor is a versatile coating and it will be a real star in every space of yours.
In this sense, artistic floor is bidding to be one of the most important trends of the year: in fashion magazines, in furnishing catalogues of the big brands and the most innovative design installations, the laying and geometric compositions, that can be achieved thanks to the parquet, play an important role.

Following 2017 trends, the square compositions of the Creator line are perfect to give each room a touch of elegance. A handmade product with a unique design made by our master craftsmen, which is inspired by the ancient dwellings but which is able to be integrated in any space. Even the herringbone is still at the top: after being the true star during 2016, these setting patterns will continue to be prominent in the year just started. Playmodel

The parquet is not a simple wooden floor, it is much more: it is handmade excellence, attention to detail, innovation, beauty and versatility. With its many alternatives, it is able to meet all the needs of the market, always ensuring excellence not only aesthetic, but also functional. In fact, no coating material is customizable as the wood is: from the color finishes, the type of varnish to the choice of wood, the parquet can be uniquely tailored to the needs of the customer in all its nuances, with the ability to intervene at any time of processing of a product 100% Made in Italy.