In the “bright lights city”, there are many dream hotels well-known for their timeless luxury such as the Mandarin Hotel, one of the most popular ones in New York. The building located in the heart of the Big Apple is able to overwhelm thanks to its peculiar charm and refinement.

“The Office” is located on the 35th floor of the hotel, an exclusive cocktail bar inspired by the past with a design that recalls the Prohibition. Sitting at a table of the bar, the atmosphere reminds the famous “Speak-Easy” clubs, hidden in the backrooms of flower shops, barbers and drugstore, whose access was allowed only through a watchword and where the alcohol could only be illegally consumed.

The parquet chosen for the realization of such refined environment is of Garbelotto production and highlights how the Italian flooring are prestigious even abroad. With great commitment and professionality, the selected parquet is an “Old-fashioned” belonging to the Creator® line, a customized model finished with a dark coloring by sampling.

A specific tonality was needed: a wonderful match between the flooring and the furniture picked by Tihany Design. The Creator® Line is a square compositions structure, a geometric design deeply loved for its connection to the past and its elegance of the first decades of the last century.

Through the choice of colors and unique materials, the designers were able to create an environment that resumes the style of the past by analyzing it and bringing it directly within the New York everyday life. A tribute to the sunset, the night and the dawn of the city that never sleeps, where a touch of style and excellence Made in Italy could not be missing!

Take a look at the picture of this wonderful realization down below!