We have so many things to share with you! This is the reason why we decided to create a House Organ: a company magazine, which shows what we do through some of our most beautiful references, the thoughts of the people who collaborated with us to make them, the exhibitions we attended, our great news and what really represents us.

In order to always be up to date and to present – almost in real time – the latest creations, we considered grouping them all in a magazine, an informative material with the aim of being a constant source of inspiration for every professional of the field.

Through some descriptive paragraphs and wonderful shots portraying elegant and stylish environments, we show you our love for wood and how to customize work places, show-rooms, houses and other spaces where you live daily.

In this edition, we absolutely had to include pages concerning the Clip Up System®, developed by the R&D Department, the Habitat finish, Xilema® line, our Gessi®, Creator® line and a reminder concerning another big family passion, the motorcycles. The love for the two-wheels is growing over time and we are now one of the most active fans of the MotoGP Grand Prix team Leopard Racing and of our pilots Enea Bastianini and Manuel Pagliani.

We are proud of how our company has been able to grow in all these years and how it evolved, trying to maintain all the values and beliefs which represent us, like the love for what we do and the respect for nature, where originates the wood we work, and most importantly, the ‘art of doing well: the true, certified made in Italy’.

We will never stop saying that the wood is a noble and elegant material, which tells its own story through every grain and fibre. Worked and turned into amazing parquet, it is able to confer an innate class to every kind of space allowing to distinguish itself from others. Precisely thanks to its capacity of adaptation to every style, it is able to follow the sector trends in a unique way. Giochi juegos friv giocare online su questo sito.

Tendencies in the parquet world – obviously made in Garbelotto – will be found within this magazine along with other interesting suggestions.

The only thing left to do is wishing you a good read!

Download the pdf version here!