The day of the inauguration of the new headquarter of Parchettificio Garbelotto and Master Floor’s had passed since a few weeks, but the emotions, that accompanied the whole event, have not still weakened.

Saturday, September 20th, in fact, more than 300 guests and personalities from the worlds of economics and politics had met in front of the new headquarters in Cappella Maggiore, where speeches and ribbon cutting ceremony took place. The event was attended by the President of Confindustria and CEO of Mapei Spa Dr. Georgio Squinzi, also accompanied by his wife, Dr. Adriana Spazzoli, President of the Province of Treviso Leonardo Muraro, the President of Treviso Unindustria Mrs Maria Cristina Piovesana and its Director Mr Giuseppe Milan, the Councillor for education and Training of the Veneto region Mrs Elena Donazzan, the’ former senator Maurizo Castro and the Mayor of Cappella Maggiore Mrs Mariarosa Barazza.

In the speeches of these personalities there were recurrent references to the values of the Group, family and tradition, which allowed the Parchettificio Garbelotto and Master Floor to grow over the decades and become one of the most important Italian companies in the field of wooden floor.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony and the blessing of the priest, the day continued with a visit to the new location, the design of which involved leading professionals in the area, followed the careful supervision of architect Tiziana Peccolo, and companies that are real flags of Made in Italy in the world. We also want to underline, as it has often been pointed out by Mr Antonio Gaberlotto, the owner of the Group Garbelotto Master Floor, that a great merit of the result should be given especially to his wife Renza Altoè Garbelotto, thanks to her creative and innovative spirit which have actively contributed to the creation of the new offices.

The new headquarter of the Group covers three floors, with a total area of 3000 square meters where they have been installed more than 1000 square meters of wooden floors. Every area of the site has been designed with the utmost attention to details and to be almost a living showroom where art, fashion and design coexist creating an original and unique location.

In the offices you can find the different types of installation, of finishes and surface treatments, so that those who visit them can grasp with a careful look all these peculiarities.

From the entrance, the attention is caught by a unique floor composed by a carpet tiles model Asia in restored antique oak flooring, combined with Murrine. The ground floor also has a comfortable and functional kitchenette, whose floors, walls and ceiling are realized with true old recovered larch.

On the first floor, the executive offices are paved with hand-planed walnut imbued with clays aged, installed in different ways. A true innovation that is to say our teak installed with a PVC joint hi-TECH (naval model) and our line of Gloss finishes with black and white planks, inserted in our bathrooms, have really attracted the attention of all the visitors.

Even the furniture have been carefully chosen from unique works of master craftsmen, in order to enrich the site and make it unforgettable.

The second floor of the new headquarters houses a showroom of 300 square meters, where you can see and touch the infinite combinations of wood species, treatments, finishes and colors available in the wide Garbelotto and Master Floor’s collections.

The opening ceremony ended with a gala dinner which was held in the famous Castelbrando, located in Cison Valmarino, with entertainment of Moreno Morello, the wizard Sirius, the caricaturist Federico Cecchin and Joy Singers Gospel Group, in an enchanting blend of entertainment, fashion, food and traditions that are an expression of the greatest Made in Italy excellence.

There have been a lot of articles and interviews in the local and national media that have honored us.