Contract can be defined as the turnkey supply service, which normally refers to furnishings for public places.

In a Contract service, a “prime-contractor” company is in charge of providing customers with what is necessary for the opening of a place or an environment that is public in general (bars, restaurants, hotels, Spas, multipurpose centres, etc.) , together with a complete service.

In turn, these businesses rely on important specialized companies offering the final customers high-quality products.

Thanks to the long experience of the Garbelotto family, Garbelotto and Master Floor are able to produce 100% Made in Italy certified wooden floors at every stage of production, from design to laying.

There are more and more customers relying on companies that are able to customize products in order to obtain something completely similar to a tailored dress.

Made in Italy brand has always been successful because it offers high-quality products, which have history, style, and elegance.

Garbelotto and Master Floor have worked with different clients, from the big international hotels to the small B&Bs, from some chains of restaurants to bars and spas.

Garbelotto and Master Floor dealt with the refurbishment of the Pera Palas Hotel in Istanbul, where tourists travelling on the Orient Express and visiting the Turkish city were hosted. They also worked on the reconstruction of the Teatro Petruzzelli, the largest private theatre in Europe.

Some of the most beautiful creations made by Garbelotto and Master Floor for Contract are now described in an elegant brochure, which can be downloaded from this link.