Actually more and more people, when they decide the finishing of their home, prefer materials that are eco-friendly and, above all, safe for the health of those who will live in there. Wood is revealed to be the ideal choice in these cases, since it is an element:

Able to immobilize CO2
Reusable and recyclable
Convertible into clean energy
Required little energy in processing into products.
Wood, in fact, is one of the few materials for coatings that can be defined living and really natural, because it is an element that is constantly changing, adapting to the environment even after being installed.

There are many characteristics that make wood the perfect material for a house environmentally friendly, complying with the rules of green building and suitable to ensure the wellness of the people who live there.

The wood is a warm, lively, natural material, which helps to maintain a proper level of humidity in the rooms, ensuring the health of the environment in which it is placed.

Choosing a Garbelotto and Master Floor wooden floor, you choose a product that has undergone a processing cycle controlled step by step , from raw material to final board, with continuous respect to the nature and human health.

Garbelotto and Master Floor parquets, in fact, can be certified FSC or PEFC; it means that the wood with which they are made is coming from areas that are on controlled reforestation and certified.

In case of prefinished parquet, it’s used a phenolic multilayer birch certificate E1 class, for formaldehyde emission.

Even during the phase of bonding top-layer and plywood vinyl glues in class D3 are used and they do not emit harmful substances; also the finishes of wood respect nature and people’s health, because they are water-based or natural oils-based with no toxic emissions.

Moreover, in the Garbelotto and Master Floor’s collections a totally natural line is present, in which it is not used neither adhesives nor coatings, its name is “I Masselli®” line: prefinished solid wood boards oil finished. To popularize this collection, the company has released a special series of online friv games.

The total control of these processes ensures the health and respect of the environment. Garbelotto and Master Floor Group philosophy, connected with production of wooden floors, want to offer its customers a quality product, reliable and secure.

Garbelotto and Master Floor pay attention also to the corporate social responsibility, using raw materials only from suppliers who do not exploit the environment and who respect people following the strict guidelines of the Due Diligence.