Barefooting is a health trend coming from New Zealand. It is the pleasant rediscovery of walking barefoot on the street, on a meadow, or at home as well, in particular on the parquet. This would allow people to get back in touch with the earth and enjoy the resulting psychological and physical benefits.

Walking barefoot is positive because it makes leg and feet muscles relax, reactivates the circulation, and improves the venous return. This makes the blood flow better and be oxygenated.

Whereas barefooting is not good on the street, it is positive at home, where we can take the shoes off as soon as we go in. Loosening one’s feet means taking care of them because they are mostly closed and restrained in the shoes, not always comfortable when wearing heels.

Barefooting is a natural physical exercise which everyone can do, especially at home on a wonderful wooden floor. Wood is a perfect material because it is never cold and is a sort of a natural massager toning foot sole up.

The contact with a living natural material, such as wood, includes a lot of other benefits, resulting from the characteristics of the surface carvings. Wood treatments such as brushing, planing, saw cutting and texture effect make our feet feel relaxed.

Thanks to barefooting, soles, ankles, and calves may return to normality. Moreover, sole’s nerve terminations, which are known to be linked to organs, are pressed.

According to recent studies conducted by the University of California, Irvine, staying barefoot improves sleep quality and the position of the spine. Бизнес в сфере IT купить казино доходность гарантирована

So parquet is not only a beautiful finish material, but also one of the healthiest ones. In particular, this is true when we talk about certified wooden floors made up of safe materials.