Clip Up System® contributes to a better life in daily well-being

Clip Up System® is the installation system that has revolutionized the world of wooden floors. A national and international patent that allows quick and easy installation with the use of polymer clips placed on the laying surface.

Wood is a 100% natural, precious and eternal material capable of contributing to the continuous reduction of CO2 pollution in the atmosphere. Choosing wood as a material for new buildings or renovations means making a green choice and contributing to making the house and any other environment more sustainable, also increasing the acoustic and thermal comfort thanks to the infinite properties of this unique material. The European Union aligns itself with the use of wood as main building material by 2030 thanks to the “Green Deal” which promotes the energy efficiency of buildings, responsible for 40% of emissions. “New buildings – says Ursula Von Der Leyen in the speech on the State of the Union (16 September 2020) – will have to generate less waste and become less expensive and more sustainable”. Climate change has prompted the European Union to present its plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Clip Up System® is the only installation system with multiple green advantages. The eco-sustainable orientation of the Garbelotto Company to the use of certified and re-usable raw materials guarantees the product a second life with the possibility of being recycled and disposed of while respecting the environment. Clip Up System® guarantees the recycling of all its components, from the clips made of polymer to the packaging designed to use disposable materials according to national regulations on separate waste recycle. The absence of glue guarantees a 100% recyclable product that falls within the broader concept of Circular Economy, a system that aims at a transformation process in which the resource is recycled or redirected to the production chain, from repair to recovery and the return to the origin of the chain. The life cycle of wood can be infinite, with ecological and economic benefits. Recycling wood means saving energy, improving the quality of the air and avoiding waste.

Clip Up System® is a real wooden floor that respects the planet, green and eco-sustainable.