New Edition of House Organ: A Journey into the World of Garbelotto

We are pleased to announce the release of the new edition of our House Organ 10th edition June 2024, an open window into the world of Garbelotto. This issue is entirely dedicated to the beauty and versatility of plug laid, with a special focus on one of our most prestigious projects in Altamura.

The Magic of Plug Poses

This issue’s editorial takes us back to the long history of herringbone laying, a true symbol of elegance and refinement that has spanned the centuries. From the wooden floors of Renaissance palaces to modern homes, herringbone laying continues to be an aesthetic choice of great value. As Renza Altoè Garbelotto recounts, the appeal of herringbone laying lies in its ability to transform a simple floor into a work of art.

A Project of Excellence in Altamura

In the heart of Altamura, Garbelotto has created a project of great prominence, where walnut parquet flooring winds through all the rooms of the house, even going up the walls. This stylistic choice, as architect Antonio Calia explains in the interview in this issue, was designed to enhance light and material, creating a fluid and dynamic environment. The use of Noblesse® plug parquet gives a unique personality to the spaces, making them cozy and full of warmth.

Wood is not just for floors. In our House Organ, we also explore the use of wood as a furnishing complement, demonstrating how it can be used vertically, from walls to “herringbone” kitchens. This material, with its infinite variations and natural beauty, can enrich any environment, giving it a unique and inimitable character.

Innovation and Tradition

Garbelotto continues to innovate, offering different types of laying, including Italian and Noblesse® plug, and taking advantage of the Clip Up system® on all our parquet floors. This innovative system offers many advantages, making the installation and maintenance of parquet easier and faster.

This special issue of our House Organ was born from inspiration drawn from an exhibition dedicated to Giorgio De Chirico. His works, with features reminiscent of herringbone laying, motivated us to further explore the artistic possibilities of parquet, furthering our mission to combine art and design.

The new issue of House Organ is an invitation to discover the timeless beauty of herringbone parquet and be inspired by our achievements. Whether you are looking for ideas for a new project or simply want to learn more about the world of Garbelotto, this document is designed for you. Enjoy reading it!

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