From procurement to shipping, Clip Up System® loves the planet

The future of the planet pass through more attention on sustainability. Europe is proposing an increasingly regulatory framework to the companies for adapting to the ecological transition process. Companies will optimize production phases and reduce costs by monitoring the environmental performance of their products or services. The customers are increasing attention to the advantages of choosing eco-sustainable materials and products for their home, family and personal well-being. Towards an eco-sustainable future, the life cycle of the product must have a minimum impact on the planet. This process covers all stages, from the procurement of raw materials to disposal. An eco-sustainable product is a green and responsible choice.

Clip Up System® is the only patented installation system that has a certified product life cycle assessment. EPD – Environmental Product Declaration certification attests that this installation system minimizes environmental impacts in all its work processes. Clip Up System® is totally green with countless advantages. Clip Up System® eliminates the use of glue because of a dry laying without joints with the use of polymer clips. Clip Up System® is certified and tested, respects the environment and people by elevating comfort and well-being in any space.

National and European regulations are being implemented to promote the use of these products. Wood becomes the perfect material to reduce emissions and promotes the energy efficiency of buildings, responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Clip Up System® anticipates these directives eliminating any dangerous substance from homes.

Comfort and well-being are Garbelotto’s mission, promoting the use of eco-sustainable, reusable and recyclable products. Clip Up System® contains all these features! Installation is quick and easy, making the floor immediately walkable and the use of polymer clips placed on the laying surface. The system allows you to replace even a single boards in a few seconds. The absence of glue reduces disposal costs and the presence of formaldehyde for a healthy environment.Clip Up System® is the wooden floor revolution that promotes the use of wood as a sustainable material for new buildings and renovations.