In the forests it is easy to come across trunks of old trees: they are naturally dead plants that Garbelotto recovers and enhances, creating with them wooden floors with an extraordinary and timeless charm.

Their wood becomes the guardian of ancient stories and of passing time, always integrating perfectly in every spaces with different type of furnishings.

With the Xilema® line we have set ourselves several objectives in the name of ecology and eco-sustainability: keep the woods clean, give to the wood a second life and recover by facilitating natural reforestation.

Moreover, Xilema® is perfect for those who like natural wood with its own characteristics, the same ones that make it even more material and alive. The falling of the sap creates unique and inimitable textures. The beauty of walking bare feet on this flooring gives a sense of well-being and the wood itself makes the atmosphere of each room pleasant, enriching it with positive energy.

Xilema® is the line for nature lovers and for all those who wish to bring it also within their daily living spaces. Every knot and every weave tells a story and you can install Xilema in your home or in any other environment.

Xilema® even installed on the walls as Boiserie in continuity with the floor creates a unique total look, increasing acoustic and thermal comfort.

Over time, Xilema® line becomes more and more beautiful, unique and particular with its big dimension 1000 to 2500 mm length and 180 to 250 mm width with 14 mm of thickness.