Made in Italy: an expression that conveys originality, tradition and quality of the Italian product all over the world Garbelotto is just the name of an Italian family, even before than a large company that produces parquet. It is also for this reason that we have chosen to make our name more and more protagonist in the company’s communications and its products worldwide.

In these days, in fact, we have renewed the design of our brand, with simplicity and elegance, and giving more and more importance to the values that have enabled us to become a flag of Made in Italy with our 55 year long history.

During the restyling of Garbelotto brand, we have chosen to give great value to the wonderful material that we work daily, that means wood. The “A”, in fact, is a way of laying the parquet, as well as it was present in the brand as early as 1950. The character, then, has been redesigned and simplified, making it more harmonious.

To the name Garbelotto we have chosen to integrate “Wooden floors“, which, in its simplicity, indicates the product that we work, bluntly, directly and effectively.

Compared to the previous version of the logo, it could not miss the reference to the Italian flag, that now it is even closer to the name. The Tricolour flag, in fact, represents both the roots and origins of the company, that is proud to produce 100% in Italy and that is ambassador in the world of the true certified Made in Italy product.

In a market increasingly geared towards foreign countries, let us not forget where we come from and wich are the values that have enabled us to become the company we are today.