Reliability, safety and quality are in the first place to guarantee on all our products the utmost respect for nature, for the health of our customers and our collaborators. The continuous tests on all our products confirm the great reliability and transparency of information and guarantee healthy living and health protection.

To guarantee more and more safety and hygiene inside every spaces, we have decided to use Silver Defence, the new antibacterial finish on all lines including the patented Clip Up System®, raising our products value withaut no additional cost for our customers. Their needs in this moment of emergengy, due to the Covid-19, are paying more and more attention to the healthiness of the home environment.

One of the substances that are monitored is formaldehyde, a chemical substance among the most common as an internal pollutant. Our floors are not only below the limit imposed by law (Class E1) but the results of the tests carried out recently at CATAS (July 2020), are amazing: the ppm was found to be 20 times lower than the recommended limit, with a value of 0.005 PPM, on all of our wooden floors. A new proof of the total healthiness of our products and a guarantee for consumers.

Garbelotto is FSC® certified. By FSC® we mean a certification scheme able to guarantee the consumer that the product is made with material coming from forests managed correctly from an environmental, social and economic point of view. In producing our wooden floors, we comply with all environmental health regulations and we use wood that comes only from certified controlled reforestation areas. A guarantee for those who, like us, are particularly attentive to the use of materials, who love nature and respect it. Also this year we obtained the renewal of the FSC® Certification with no “non-conformities” found.