For Garbelotto and Master Floor, 2015 started off greatly, including events, exhibitions, and courses at the new headquarters of the Group. But it started with a new media planning, which this year is aimed at a medium-high more exclusive and professional target.

Then, magazines chosen for the media plan in 2015 are magazines that address to architects, designers and professionals, and they represent an added value to the quality perceived by the reader, as they can rely on an authority recognized by the entire design sector. Also present brands and the magazines themselves have values ​​in common with Garbelotto and Master Floor as they all are ambassadors in the world of the best “Made in Italy”.


In the new Garbelotto and Master Floor program, therefore, there are important magazines as Abitare (RCS), INTERNI (Mondadori), AD (Condè Nast) and Casabella (Mondadori).
These abroad recognized magazines designate some copies of Italian editions in the world, for instance INTERNI designates 20,000 copies. The May edition will be present at the design week in New York with our press campaign. ABITARE addresses more abroad with 35,000 copies of each Italian edition distributed at expositions, bookshops and Airports.
AD, instead, with Conde Nast, the publisher, has more national editions distributed worldwide and each of these has its own editorial staff and plan.

In addition we are also present in magazines like I Love Parquet (4 Punto Zero), Professional Parquet (Area Tre) and Tile Italia (Tile Edizioni). We will also be present editorially on the headings of Cose di Casa, Casa Facile, Case e Stili, Casa Naturale, Ville e Casali and 100 Idee per ristrutturare.

For the 2015 press campaign, we purposely chose a location of the new headquarters, it portrays the visual part of our offices, paved with a parquet in walnut imbued with natural clays and hand-planed, belonging to Creator line.