To guarantee more and more safety and hygiene inside our homes, we have decided to use the new Silver Defence finish with antibacterial action on all lines including the patented Clip Up System ® system at no additional cost so as to always be innovative and close to the needs of our customers who at this moment of emergency, due to the Covid-19 virus, pay more and more attention to the healthiness of the home environment.

The antibacterial sanitizing finish is CATAS certified and helps to reduce the population of bacteria by 99.9% in just 24 hours, when they come into contact with the silver ions.

Thanks to mixture of the water-based finish, the Silver Defence sanitizing characteristics maintain their effectiveness forever, respecting the already appreciated final characteristics of our finishes: hardness, opacity, colour stability, soft touch, chemical and mechanical resistance.

In addition, Silver Defence is suitable for environments that require high hygienic standards such as medical workplaces, restaurants, bakeries, swimming pools, saunas, children’s rooms, bathrooms, etc… but it is an added value to any environment!

The antibacterial action will last over the years and will be exhausted only when the parquet is refinished. All Garbelotto cleaning and maintenance products are compatible with the sanitizing varnish and do not interfere in its daily antibacterial action.

A fantastic innovation only for our customers who can have a 100% Made in Italy and sanitized wooden floor. Obviously made in Garbelotto!