In recent years, the market for hardwood flooring for building had faced the arrival of new interior finishes, first of all the porcelain wood effect. This material, often cheaper than wood, can well imitate visually the quality of the floors, but it cannot be compared with regard to technical and natural properties of the material.


Here are 10 reasons why wood flooring is better than porcelain tiles.

1. The wood is a natural material and so alive, that will change with the passing of time and it becomes more and more beautiful as it is lived. The normal signs of use and wear, in fact, make the wood floors even more fascinating.

2. The naturalness of the material gives unparalleled sensory perceptions: it has veining, color contrasts, porosity, perfume and has a warm and perceptible tactile sensation.

3. Timber is a natural material but resistant: Unlike ceramic, holding little bumps and breaks easily, the wood bends but does not break. Moreover, the effect of a chipped tile respect to a parquet lived cannot be compared.

4. With time passing, the wood continues to live and to adapt to the environment that surrounds it, of course changing its colors and its shades, assuming warmer and more intense shades that generate unique effects.

5. Wooden floors are quite insulating both from the acoustic and the heating point of view, for this reason wood is warm in winter and cool in summer.

6. Walking barefoot in the house on a comfortable surface such as wood, it is also important for the health… it is a real therapy.

7. Timber is a natural material that can be installed and painted with eco-friendly materials such as oils and waxes.

8. Wooden floors can be painted and installed in many different ways to create different combinations each time and completely customizable. In addition, the customization of the product, compared to a tile is unique.

9. Parquet can also be supplied in large sizes with tables that can reach up to 3 meters, while porcelain tiles may be equal to the wooden slats only if short or medium length.

10. The floor is not something that changes every day, on the contrary, it should last for a lifetime. Precisely for this reason the wood is a coating that is not affected by fashion and that never fails.

Someone is still convinced that the porcelain wood effect is a valid alternative to wooden floors?