On the occasion of EXPO Milano 2015 also Venice is participating in the great event by hosting the pavilion of AQUAE VENICE 2015 – The great universal exhibition dedicated to water that wants to describe, in a simple, experiential, educational and interactive way, to everybody how and why water deeply influences our lives and the way in which this theme will be developed in industry, feeding, and culture in next decades.

It fits into this context, the project to upgrade internal and external VEGA Science and Technology Park, just close to the AQUAE VENICE 2015 pavilion.

“Primo Ramo” this is the name of the redevelopment project, it consists of a thematic and experiential itinerary through which it is shown what the Science and Technology Park of Venice offers, with its products, innovative materials, technologies, business , art and culture, events and exhibitions.

Thanks to a collaboration with the Architect Giorgio Pradella, Parchettificio Garbelotto and Master Floor are participating, with pride, as sponsors for one of these projects.

Parchettificio Garbelotto and Master Floor sponsorship relates to the promotional stand of the project Mu.Ri (Diffuse Museum Regional Engineering) which has, as its target, the creation, along the basin of the River Piave, of touristic-cultural itineraries on the theme of the great works of engineering and landscape changes that the works have caused; paradigmatic reference is given by the events linked to the construction of Vajont dam, which the stand dedicates a specific section for.

The companies have built and installed, designed by an architect, a beam, as a symbol of bearing structure used in construction projects. The beam is over 9 meters long, 2 meters in height, for a total weight of ca. 5 tons. A part of this beam was positioned cantilever, from the 1st floor loft.

The exhibition is completed by a video area, the info-graphics, a scale model of the dam 4 meters high approx. and finally some giant posters installed right on the beam.

To Parchettificio Garbelotto and Master Floor, it was reserved a desk and an area where they can show some of the excellence of their production. The lines selected are linked in some way to Venice. The line hi-TECH characterized by a joint in PVC with T&G, patented, which is installed among the boards; in this case it has been chosen a type of wood such as teak to recall a model totally Naval. The other chosen product is the line Le Murrine di CREATOR where Venice glass (from Murano), certificated, is embedded in their wooden compositions.

The project “Primo Ramo” was opened on May 15 and for the inauguration of Mu.Ri the date is yet to be determined, but we will keep you informed. Mu.ri is located in Hall PEGASO on the 1st floor, close to the important site event of the Biennale Across Chinese Cities – Beijing (similarities and parallels between the Chinese metropolis and Venice).