Parquet is a natural material that is constantly changing, but its consistency and strength, together with the treatments that can be made on it, make it a lining that can fit perfectly to most of the outdoor environments: swimming pool sides, porches , garden pathways that can be embellished with this flooring that has always been synonymous with class, warmth and elegance.

Not to mention that outdoor decking is one of the most eco friendly solutions: the materials used for laying and treating it are biocompatible and they do not give rise to harmful intakes into the environment.
How do you have to choose it?

First of all, it is best to orient yourself to the choice of materials for your outdoor parquet, since it is essential to opt for wood species with:
• High natural impermeability to increase weather resistance;
• Resistance and toughness, to combat mechanical abrasion which is externally higher than internal one.
Among the recommended species, we find Massaranduba, Ipè Lapacho, Teak, Thermo Ash and Thermo Teak.

A second element to consider when choosing decking is the size of the slats:
• It is best to consider thicknesses not less than 1,9 / 2 cm
• The optimal lengths are those up to 50 cm
• The width should not exceed 12 cm

As for the outdoor parquet laying operations, your trusted installer will be able to advise you best; At the beginning, it is essential to pay attention to a sloping installation that allows rainwater to drain. Also the stand is very important, the aluminum profile is the better one that should be thickened also with a 5 mm rubber support.

For the preparation of the boards and their laying, follow the instructions of the A.I.P.P.L. “Parquet from the project to laying – Chapter 10 – Outdoor parquet”.

And now that you have chosen your outdoor wooden floor, you just have to enjoy all of its magic in the garden!