We have experienced many emotions during these five days of Cersaie, thanks to the people’s affection and above all thanks to the warm welcome that the public has reserved to the many latest products we have presented during this 2017 edition.
From September 25th to September 29th, lots of Italian and foreign authorized personnel rushed our booth, a sign of the growing concern that our company enjoys globally and a demonstration of how true Made in Italy is looked for.

Clip Up System® was the protagonist of our booth, it was installed on all paved surfaces, giving the opportunity to all visitors to see and touch the great reliability of this innovative laying system. The various certifications obtained have allowed it to attract the attention of professionals who have included it in the specifications of prestigious contracts.
In the past few weeks, the new Clip Up System® site was also online, and there, you can find all the required information, download the technical data sheets, view the videos of its realizations, and much more.

The brand new Habitat finish has raised a great interest: it is almost imperceptible, leaving the wood its natural appearance, it fascinates eyes, touch and mind. In this way the wood remains almost raw at sight, but at the same time it becomes more durable and functional, perfect to combine the desire for elegance and for design.
With Habitat wood seems unfinished in order to keep its “essence”. It is ideal for those who love a context that respects simplicity, leaving this material the task of giving allure to the room.

At Cersaie, we have presented another important newness that is the new Xilema Line,
made with old “dead” trees. The logs of wood that were still standing or fallen naturally in the forests, often with bizarre shapes, are treated and recovered to produce a parquet with an antique appearance and with particular shades. These trunks, in fact, have already lost all the lymph that usually wood contains, and that is why color nuances are particularly suitable for environments that want to enhance the material in its original beauty. With this innovative product we also get a double ecological function: to keep the wood clean and to reuse a waste material. The Xilema Line, therefore, gives a real second life to wood, emphasizing an extraordinary material that gives, the space in which it is laid, a particular and timeless elegance.

The wall with the beautiful Dupla Herringbone, another new product by Garbelotto, was also taken into high consideration. This is a special Noblesse Herringbone (Hungarian) where the different dimension of the elements creates an original game that exalts the laying. Thanks to the changeable angulation, the various finishes and woody species you can use, you can really indulge yourself in choosing it and create the desired double-length composition.

Now that Cersaie is over, we will return to our daily work with new energies and new ideas, thinking of ever more innovative solutions, to respond in an ever-original way to our customers’needs.
The passion we put into our work and into collections will also accompany us in the design of new parquet that could do the beauty of wood justice.