There are enterprises that, in the course of their story, started as family firms and managed to grow and become important realities in the international entrepreneurship such as Carraro SpA. The enterprise located in Campodarsego is, in fact, a true reference point in the production of agriculture tractors, gears and components.

In the past months, we had the pleasure to be involved in the renovation of their headquarters, designed in 1968 by the architect Ermenegilda D’Agaro, scholar of the great Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa. For such realization, we realized a completely customized parquet, as close as possible to the original floor.

In order to reach such goal, the wood selected is Oak in three different lengths, on which a brass structure has been worked on. The different measures of the boards create a peculiar movement which spreads across the light coming from the big windows of the building and is magnified by the brass, which makes the whole parquet even more precious.

The beauty of the wood is the main character of the walls that have been enhanced with paintings, art works and boiserie.

The building spreads in an area of about 184 thousand square meters, 37 of them are covered and include production and offices where 600 people work.

The renovation carried out restored the original charm and the modernity of the Carraro SpA holding headquarters, features of a company listed on the Italian stock exchange since 1995 that operates in Asia and South America, providing work for more than 3000 employees all over the world, almost 1400 only in Italy.

An ambitious and immersive project that allowed us, once again, to tell a unique story through the beauty of wooden floors 100% Made in Italy.

Take a look at the pictures of the new project and headquarters down below.