Parquet Manteniance

Indoor parquet
Extraordinary maintenance

Master Cleaner Varnish

Neutral detergent for the cleaning of varnished and UV oiled wooden floors
Master Cleaner Varnish is a detergent for the daily cleansing of the wooden floor. In its purest form, it removes the most resistant dirt. When diluted with water, it is suitable for the daily cleansing of environment where the highest level of hygienic safety is needed. It removes the dirt without removing the layers of previous treatments. The floor is cleaned, sanitized and perfumed..

How to use:
– Accurately eliminate dust and material residues.
– Dilute Master Cleaner Varnish in warm water in the following proportion: half a glass (125ml) every 4lt of water for daily use. Use the product at its purest form for a deep cleaning or obstinate stains.
– Immerse the cloth in the obtained solution and once it is well squeezed and not dripping, clean the surface. No rinse is needed.
* Biodegradable product at 90% II.136/83
* Minimal impact for the aquatic environment
* Entirely recyclable packaging
* It contains: non-ionic surfactant inf. 5%, butyl alcohol <5%, propanol <5%, Alcohol ethoxylate in water solution <5%.

Indoor parquet

Ordinary maintenance

Master Wax Seal

Water-repellent sealing wax for varnished and oiled wooden floors
Master Wax Seal is a water-resistant wax to apply to the wooden floor in order to guarantee an effective protection against the spot permeation, reducing the absorption of water, oil, coffee, wine and painting. Moreover, it protects from the abrasion caused by the foot traffic and scratches.It regenerates the wooden floor, making it glossy and slip – resistant.

How to use:
– Make sure the surface is perfectly cleaned, dry and with no spots.
– Always shake the product before using it.
– Conduct preliminary test to verify the final effect.
– Apply undiluted Master Wax Seal with the dedicated nebulizer on the floor part to treat making it uniform with a dry cloth, avoiding accumulation of product.
– To achieve a better result, apply the product in two separate phases: once vertically and once horizontally. Wait for the product to dry between each stage.

Outdoor parquet
Maintenance decking

Decking Cleaner

Decking cleaner is a nutritious detergent soap for the cleaning of exterior wooden floors. It cleans dirt, chlorine residues, salt, etc. effectively. This product is a detergent suitable for periodic cleaning of your outdoor floor. Decking cleaner is recommended before any treatment with impregnating oils. It does not leave halos, it restores gloss and waterproof.

How to use:
– Shake well before use.
– Pour 1 product stopper every 4/5 liters of water (about 50m2).
– Do a first wash removing of the more coarse dirt with rag or mop.
– Once dry, do a second and last wash, frequently rinsing the rag or mop.
– Once dry, the floor may be immediately walked upon.
– Recommended frequency use: Once every 15/30 days

– Contains nutrients for wood
– Contains non-ionic biodegradable surfactants

Decking Restorer

Decking Restorer is the ideal solution for restoring the original color of the wood floors from outside, graying per share of bad weather. It does not damage the wood; it is advisable to perform a preliminary test of security. It works very effectively removing dirt without leaving streaks.

How to use:
– Spray the product at a distance of about 20-25 cm.
– Wait about 5-10 minutes.
– Remove the hard surface patina created with a brush or a smooth spatula.
– In case of the removal of the patina with a pressure washer, you can let the product act up to a maximum of about 12 hours. – In case of using high temperatures it is advisable to moisten water with the wooden floor before applying the product
– Frequency Recommended discretion.

– 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly

Decking Oil

Decking Oil is a primer for exterior wood. In addition, it is particularly suitable for swimming pool surrounds, patios, walkways, windows, gazebos, fences and wooden roofs. It is composed of natural and synthetic oils, additives for ultraviolet absorbers, and special anti-aging against the deterioration of the wood. Protects the wood from lignivorous insects. Does not crack, does not attack any tires and expansion joints. It is advisable to perform a preliminary test on sensitive areas.

How to use it:
– Shake well before use.
– Application temperature +10 ° C to +25 ° C
– Before applying decking oil, do a good preparation of the wood, preferably with sandpaper 120/150.
– Apply Decking oil by brush, spray or immersion (yield 1-liter approx 13 m2).
– Apply a second coat after 24/48 hours without sanding.
– Once dry, the floor can be walked on immediately.
– Recommended Usage Frequency: every six months.

– Contains natural oils