The geometry of laying is the design that arises from the combination of individual elements that make up a wooden floor. The reference standard in which the main and most widely used laying geometries are indicated is UNI EN 13756 – Wood Flooring – Terminology.

• Random (staggered) wood flooring pattern
Wooden planks have the same width but random length.

• Brick pattern
Elements of the same size are arranged so that the head junctions are in the same center or in any case in a constant position with respect to each sheet constituting the previous row.

• Herringbone
Right and left prefinished wood floorings supplied in boards of the same size with 90 ° right and left parallel alignment ready for Herringbone laying.

• Chevron / Hungarian Herringbone NOBLESSE®
The new and innovative technology acquired enables the production of 10-14 mm thick parquet flooring, 70/90/120mm widths even higher on request and lengths from 300 to 600mm or higher. The prefinished is already provided for herringbone laying with a cutting angle from 30 ° to 60 °, depending on the needs.