The glued installation is recommended for laying of our traditional solid wood up to 16mm thick, including the I Masselli line of prefinished massive and for the prefinished with 2 layers of normal and medium size Classic, Maxi, Super, Grand, Gold Listo-Floor and Master Floor Elegant and Prestige120 lines. It is suitable for screeds with under floor heating or cooling because it optimizes the thermal transmission (minimal heat dispersion) without creating, through the bonding, air bubbles between the screed and the parquet. With the aid of a special triangular tooth spatula, a suitable adhesive is applied on the laying plane as a two-component, polyurethane or silane glue… which, worked several times with large semicircular movements, creates the so-called adhesive lines so as to allow good contact, at least 70%, between the adhesive itself and the support. It is important that the glue is spread evenly, excess or shortage of the glue may compromise the correct laying of the parquet or cause application faults.