Parquet can be laid on cement screed, on wood-based panels, on pre-existing floors or on carpets. The screed, which must have at least a thickness of 40 mm, is made with normal or quick-drying cements. The drying times of normal cements vary from 4 to 7 months or more, depending on the products and the environmental conditions. The drying times instead of quick-drying cement is between 3 and 7 days. In this case, the moisture check must always be carried out using a carbide hygrometer. It is also mandatory to apply polyethylene foils along the walls to create an effective vapour barrier. If the parquet is laid on pre-existing flooring, it is important to check that it is in good condition, perfectly washed and degreased, sanded in the case of ceramic or marble floors, grouted if it is an old parquet. For carpet or linoleum, after removal, it is advisable to eliminate any residual glue by a slight sanding.