The laying must be carried out by parquet flooring professional or by qualified personnel. All fixtures are to be assembled and working, the masonry works completed, and the electrical and hydraulic systems fully functional. The room temperature should not be lower than 10 ° C and the relative air humidity between 45% and 60%. Also the laying and polishing of other neighbouring floors, in ceramic or other materials, must already have taken place, so must the finishing and painting of the ceilings, and the preparation of the walls. Before laying, check that the floor foundation moisture does not exceed 2% for normal cement mortars or rapid drying, 1.7% for heated screeds and 0.5% for screeds in anhydride (if it is to be glued drain the screed in anhydride and spread the primer). Moisture control must be performed by carbide hygrometer (which guarantees greater reliability) immediately before laying (reference UNI 10329). Also check that the laying surface is clean of anything that can act as a detachable agent (dust, building residue, body parts, etc.).