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  • News: 03 06 2017

    How to choose outdoor parquet: here are our advices!

    Parquet is a natural material that is constantly changing, but its consistency and strength, together with the treatments that can be made on it, make it a lining that can fit perfectly to most of the outdoor environments: swimming pool sides, porches , garden pathways that can be embellished with this flooring that has always …

    News: 06 02 2017

    The Parquet among the Furniture 2017 Trends

    Among the furniture industry trend for 2017, the parquet is the real protagonist. An evergreen that adapts to any environment and gives a warm and cozy touch to your home. Which are the advantages in choosing this type of flooring? We choose to identify them in the “3 E of the Parquet”. That’ s what …

    News: 24 05 2016

    Parquet flooring in the kitchen: a dream to reality with a few tricks!

    We often think that the wooden floor is a coating that is designed only to certain house areas, particularly those where there isn’t the possibility  to particularly dirty or ruin it. Parquet flooring in the kitchen, briefly, seems to be for many people still a taboo. Yet, with the appropriate attention,  the wooden floor can also be used safely …

    News: 02 09 2015

    Parquet, unique choice or rustic choice? Let’s make it clear…

    There are a lot of elements to be considered when choosing a wooden floor, from the type of wood to personal tastes, from costs to the environment style. Also, it is important to consider a factor related to the aesthetic appearance. That is the selection of the strips resulting from the cutting of elements. This choice …

    News: 30 06 2015

    National decking law

    Our sector is regulated by specific laws referring to certifications of materials, European and international classifications, and much more. However, this is not the case for outdoor wooden floor, since one month ago there were no decking regulations at national or European level. In 2014, A.I.P.P.L. (Associazione Italiana Posatori Pavimenti di Legno) proposed a project in order to …

    News: 26 06 2015

    How to choose the laying of a wooden floor

    There are a lot of elements to be considered when choosing a wooden floor, in order to find the most suitable solution. The choice is based not only on colour or the type of wood, but also on laying pattern, which gives the floor a strong personality. However, this does not have to do with aesthetic taste …

    News: 27 05 2015

    Easy Decking… what to do for a beautiful outdoor parquet!

    Summertime is the nicest period to stay outdoors, enjoying evenings with friends and barbecues. And it is normal that during spring, people who can enjoy a home with an outdoor area, want to start fixing it. Often people think that wood is not a suitable material for outside, but properly treated it is perfect for …

    News: 16 06 2014

    Flooring: 10 reasons to prefer it to porcelain stoneware

    In recent years, the market for hardwood flooring for building had faced the arrival of new interior finishes, first of all the porcelain wood effect. This material, often cheaper than wood, can well imitate visually the quality of the floors, but it cannot be compared with regard to technical and natural properties of the material.

    News: 13 06 2014

    Spring is coming… Here comes the desire of Decking!

    Spring is the season of good weather par excellence, when you start staying outdoors to enjoy your spare time.