Formaldehyde is a bactericide that may be present in the food, textile, and wood industries because of his preservative and biocide action. The adhesive that holds together shavings or plywood sheets widely used in the production of wood flooring is in fact capable of releasing formaldehyde for long periods helping to raise the concentration of this gas in our homes, in our offices and of all places of life. Its danger is related to its volatility. When we breathe, we take even small particles of formaldehyde. At certain concentrations, the effects of formaldehyde causes irritation to the respiratory tract and eyes. In 2006, the International Agency for import Products for Research on Cancer has declared its possible carcinogenic effects. The panels produced in Italy and consequently the finished products in which they are made, should meet certain parameters and Italian companies are required by law to make consistently accurate control of their productions ensuring compliance. The product intended for import to the homes of our families does not bring any safety standards established by law in terms of formaldehyde.