Why choose a planed wooden floor?

Planed wood flooring has an antique touch which recalls old country-style homes.

The hand planed plank has a worn look because its surface is uneven and carved thanks to the skills of our carpenters who are able to carve and groove the wood so that it has a unique customized look.
Their skills make a difference when it comes to creating inimitable and original wood floors.

The same effect can be attained using industrial machines which recreate the same texture but in a more even and regular way.

The surface can be manually (carpenters can produce 30 meters per day) or mechanically planed however not every wood species is suitable for this kind of carving.

Hand planed surfaces confer depth to the wooden floor and make it pleasant to the touch and the eye.

After being molded by metal pressure the surface has an elegant and worn look, in style with the latest fashion trends. Contrary to what you may think planed wood flooring is easy to clean. Only a vacuum, a wet cloth and recommended cleaning products are necessary.

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Between past and future

A private villa where white and black dominate the settings, combining the most classic elements of design and furnishings. The living area was created with the I Progetti line parquet. Find out all the details in our in-depth study.

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