The brushed wood floor: all its features

Brushed wood floors are one of the most popular wood floors and they are produced through a process called brushing.

Each wood surface is brushed with specific metal brushes which remove the softest part of the wood without damaging the fibers. If you are looking for a wooden floor with a natural, modern and refined touch this might be the right wood floor for you.

Brushed wood flooring has a more material appearance compared to the smooth one and it fits in well with country-style or minimalist furniture. The brushed wood surface covers time damages perfectly by making them less visible.

Brushed wood flooring is the best choice if you love a natural style and a wooden floor that can give you a tactile and esthetic experience. Just like the other wooden floors, it is easy to clean. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner, a wet cloth and specific products.

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The magic of wood

An elegant private home in the centre of Padua finds new light thanks to the magic of wood, present on both the ceiling and the floor. In the living area there is a parquet floor in oak of the Master Floor line, model Big Old, in rustic choice, brushed and bevelled on the 4 sides. The colour is a refined and luminous Acque Veneziane Pearly.

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