When we set foot in a room, the first impression is what strikes us, the one that conveys emotions and the one that will be difficult to change.

This is why if we enter an office, both as a customer and as an employee, we are pleasantly impressed if we find a well-kept and well-presented environment in front of us. The furniture is crucial and the floors do more than half the work. It is precisely for this reason that it is good to remember that parquet, a symbol of elegance par excellence when it comes to furnishing, is always a winning choice.

To think that parquet is all too delicate to resist a frequent trampling rate, furniture with heavy loads or continuous movement of chairs with wheels is wrong. Wood is not only resistant, but lasts long and thanks to its beauty, gives a natural effect to the environment.

It is therefore important not only to make an efficient choice, but also one of comfort in order to enhance the work environment and create a space that makes anyone who enters it feel at ease.

The important thing is to choose the most suitable material, adjusts and respects the humidity and temperature values that house the room and use special finishes in order to minimize the possibility of it being damaged.

Our Made in Italy has for example patented an innovative solution that enables to reduce the “naval model” laying, usually adopted on yachts and boats, in private homes, commercial areas or in public places. The wooden floors complete with hi-TECH® profile do not require particular maintenance, but can be cleaned like all other parquet floors, with a vacuum cleaner, a damp cloth (well wrung out) and the appropriate cleaning product.

Parquet is no longer a “luxury” in private homes but gives warmth and harmony to the working environment by placing not only its functional side, but also the aesthetic side, in the spotlight.