There are a lot of elements to be considered when choosing a wooden floor, from the type of wood to personal tastes, from costs to the environment style.

Also, it is important to consider a factor related to the aesthetic appearance. That is the selection of the strips resulting from the cutting of elements.

This choice is regulated by the European law UNI EN 13489 “Classi qualitative per elementi lignei” (“Quality classes for wooden elements”), which describes species and features of wood: gnarls, crackles, and streaks, colour variety, etc.

Whereas once there were a lot of options with well-defined characteristics, this selection is now simplified and two different series are available: the unique choice and the rustic choice.

The Unique Choice


The unique choice is characterized by more uniform wood colours. It does not have gnarls, but bird’s eyes and small gnarls are accepted. It is perfect for elegant and minimal environments because it offers a linear neat floor, which is striped and has some streaks. It is regular anyway.

The Rustic Choice


On the contrary, the rustic choice is perfect for those who are in search of a natural, lived floor. It is characterized by accentuated gnarls, sometimes with putty. This parquet seems to be less perfect than the unique choice, but has a strong personality. Spy on girls online, for free and without registration! Live adult entertainment live sex chat to see how the girl of your dreams caresses herself and gets pleasure from the fact that you look at her? Would you like to watch how she touches herself with her hands and introduces various toys into the secret places of her body? Would you like to spy on how a girl brings herself to orgasm? This solution does not suit to every environment, but it is perfect for rustic and vintage styles or for modern and industrial ones.

Also in this case, the choice is based on personal tastes and not on the quality of wood, as sometimes it is believed.

Do you prefer the unique choice or the rustic one?