The beginning of 2019 inaugurates a new year in the name of a positive perspective for the Italian wooden floor market.

The data presented in the ‘Report Wooden floor in Italy 2007-2017’ carried out by Gruppo Pavimenti e Centro Studi of FederlegnoArredo, show that the wooden flooring has had a great revenue in the market, compared with other types of paving.

The wooden floor market witnessed very positive data, especially in 2018 as far as the Italian production is concerned and such data was confirmed by the steadily increasing consumes.

In spite of the competitiveness of materials which reproduce the esthetic of the wood, the final consumer recognition of the advantages, values, quality and reliability of the Italian parquet appears to be stable.

The Italian parquet is much appreciated also abroad and has proved an increasing trust in the Italian companies producing parquet 100% made in Italy.

The Italian brand has certainly stood the test confirming the leading role in all the sectors concerning the Italian know-how, the esthetic taste and the craftsmanship, typical of the Italian style. Such features are always much requested and sought-after by the international market.

We strongly believe that the development and growth of our sector results from the finalization of new and innovative solutions. For this reason, after many years of experience, we are proud to be present in the market and to offer advanced solutions everyday like our patented laying system Clip Up System® which offers countless advantages, presented in detail in our website and many certifications, videos and detailed documentation.

There is nothing left but looking to the future with the positivity that distinguish us, by hoping for an ever-increasing attention and protection of the certified Italian product and that the purchasers become aware consumers, able to always verify the provenience and the certifications instead of focusing on the price and on the well-exposed Italian flag.