Living in healthy and clean environments is a common goal. For this reason, sanitizing surfaces is one of the first requirements to achieve it. Among our treatments and our varnishes there is one, our sanitizing varnish, created precisely to make safe the environments in which the parquet completed with this finish is laid.

The characteristics of Garbelotto sanitizing paint

The new additive, added to the water-based paint during the finishing phase of the floor, is particularly suitable in environments with high hygienic standards, such as children’s rooms, bathrooms, medical offices, restaurants, swimming pools, saunas, etc.

Its composition, based on silver ions, eliminates the bacterial population in just 24 hours and prevents their reproduction, as documented by tests carried out under the JIS Z 2801: 2006 regulation.

The sanitizing characteristics of this additive have the same duration as the floor, as the micro-particles are integrated into the finish of the flooring and cannot be removed, even in periodic cleaning operations. The sanitizing paint, which places respect for man and the environment at the centre of its formulation, can be requested as an option to water-based painting.

With our sanitizing varnish, the effect will be totally natural and once laid, the wood will give each space a timeless charm, ensuring maximum healthiness.

And to take care of your family or your collaborators, what could be better than a sanitizing paint capable of eliminating bacteria from surfaces, which also allows you to maintain the elegance of wooden floors in your daily spaces?