In a field such as the design one, where the aesthetics and the pursuit of the beauty are always in the foreground, one can’t certainly do without paying particular attention to the visual part of communication, which tells our achievements in an elegant and detailed way, but at the same time it shows the backstage of our work, the hands of our masters and our craftsmen’s love for the wood.

For a few days, in fact, the story of what we do, has also been explained through our new Instagram account. Here, in addition to the images of our most beautiful designs and the details of the processing of our wooden floors, we want to give space to those who choose us every day as a partner, who give us confidence and decide to lay our parquet 100 % made in Italy.

Our aim is to give visibility to the realizations of our collaborators, the installers who rely on us, the references of our retailers, the homes of people who choose to walk on our parquet floors, to create an ever-expanding account, built with you day after day.

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