Italian companies are renowned all over the world for their technical skills and creativity, and for the design that distinguish them. Garbelotto has this reputation in the international collaborations where he takes part: top-level achievements that allow to express to the fullest the capabilities of adapting to the prepared customers’ requests and demands of both quality of the product and the service offered by the company.

Among the most prestigious achievements we have been part of, one cannot forget the Dukley Gardens, a luxury resort in Budva, Montenegro, created by the cooperation of a pool of operators from different countries: the German NPS Tchoban Voss Architekten BDAAl, that cared for the architectural project; the architect Bogdan Slavica for the realization of the interiors; the US Turner Construction; the Montenegrin design studio Synthesis; and of course, Garbelotto the chosen partner for the supply of wooden floor.

Budva is considered the Montecarlo of the Adriatic, an enchanting place for its natural beauty and location; enriched by biodiversity in its unique vegetation, the wonderful beaches of Guvno and Tanga, Budva has a wonderful harbor with a yacht club, a SPA center, cafes and restaurants. It is also characterized by a traditional architecture that makes extensive use of stone, as one can admire in the old town.

The challenge was to build a luxury resort, nestled in a wild and rich wilderness peninsula, safeguarding the landscape and architectural traditions of the place. Dukley Gardens is, from this point of view, a winning bet thanks to all partners’ commitment and ability.
Most of the flora has been left in its natural splendor: pines, cypresses and olive trees of the site have been preserved. More than 5,000 new plant species have been added to the Dukley Gardens natural environment (also with ecological affinity). The exteriors are characterized by the use of the traditional stone of Budva, to ensure the aesthetic relationship with the surrounding environment; the entire complex works on the architectural level as a clever play between tradition and technology, between classical and contemporary trends. The structure slopes gently down to the seashore, respecting the landscape, and the 36 villas and 202 apartments are designed to immerse themselves in nature: the ocean-facing bedrooms disclose breathtaking views and at the same time they offer guests luxurious and personal interiors.

No surprise if in the Dukley Gardens the choice fell on the parquet: a material always capable of giving brightness and naturalness, above all in a context where modernity and tradition, beauty and history have to meet. Not a simple wooden floor anyway, but the prefinished Master Floor of Garbelotto. The attempt was to keep originality and organicity, so it was necessary to have a product that could adapt to different customizations, coming from select raw materials and completely free from harmful emissions. The Master Floor product has all these features, but the Dukley Gardens project needed a step further: the customization of the environments required different sizes and nuances, as well as the guarantee of treatments performed as a work of art, for a very high context level. For these reasons, Garbelotto produces in Veneto, in the province of Treviso, taking care of all the smallest details of the product, watching the tradition and the ability to innovate it.
It is a great pride for us to boast such an important and successful collaboration among our achievements.
Garbelotto is an ideal partner for large and small projects.